Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Batten Down The Hatches Old Chap – We’re Under Attack

Something to enliven the proceedings somewhat; the Pelicanists have broken into a sweat and posted twice in 2 days. This is exciting news in itself as the truth is, the two Yawns have nothing of any gravitas left to say anymore. But, they still do have a role to play in the theatre of Ufology and its true we're not far from the panto season and so, when they feel everyone is ignoring them and they need some love and attention, they don their costume of enormous Groucho style glasses (to increase the strength of their eyesight as they are adept at missing the obvious) and they get out the old ear trumpets (because they are good at turning a deaf ‘un to the obvious) and they put on their little pink mittens which pass for boxing gloves these days, and they stand there and take huge breaths and puff out there chests and then..….fall over backwards usually at this point, as it happens. Doddery old dears.

This is controversial stuff and it may make you want to scratch your ear. Steady.

Those Elusive Multiple Witnesses

Uniformed Ufologists

Just notice by the way if you go to the web site that John Rimmer and Nigel Watson are referred to as “members”. Hmmm.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Major SETI Institute Announcement

What can it be?

I speculate the following;

1. Jill Tarter is having an alien/human hybrid baby.

2. They’re having the outside of the main building repainted.

3. Uncle Seth is having the snip.

4. They’re giving up.

5. They got a signal but when they answered and got back in touch, the reply came back, “Oh you idiots? You gotta be kidding.”
In Terms of Ufological Belief................(part 1)

In terms of “Ufological belief”, that is when challenged as to what particular theory or explanation I adhere to in terms of an answer or solution to the Ufological question, I find that in contemplating that answer I am a bit of a gadfly. I flutter, I guess, like a lot of others. “Well, it could be this, it could be that” and when I range across the list of possibilities I find, much to my irritation, that I reject not a lot. Being open minded can have its problems. I yearn to be convinced of a particular line of thinking, to be so certain like Dick Hall is that it has to be nuts and bolts so that I can spit malevolent ectoplasm at the mere mention of Jacques Vallee’s name.

Having wind bagged all of the above, I do find though that I return to certain ideas as if pulled by some internal unconscious magnet and one of those ideas reared itself full and proud again this week; namely that We may have been “interfered” with over the years via our DNA. The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology based in Leipzig, Germany are reportedly due to be imminently issuing a major paper on the DNA of Neanderthals which may yet again pose significant questions about the origins of Man and how there is apparently no evolutionary explanation for the jump to Homo Sapiens. With wild eyed speculators like me around stoking things up, there may again be further attempts at resurrecting the spectre of alleged external DNA interference in the development of the human species with attending issues of Intelligent Design and so on. If ever proven true, the implications that would follow are obvious, abundant, and rather mixed.

The first one is of personal disappointment at having been such a wimp, for this concept is half a step ahead of the space brothers theory that all aliens are warm and cuddly and have only the very best of intentions towards their creation and when things get really difficult, they will descend to our rescue. True blooded Ufology involves bodies, wreckage, machinery remote locations, efficient, super fast clear ups, and mysterious deaths for years to come. These guys will flutter down like leaves dropping off a tree. Where’s the excitement?

From a practical perspective, the first and foremost event to occur will be that a substantial part of America’s bible belt will suddenly stand up, hypocritically, and ram it down everyone’s throat about how right they’d been in championing the cause of Intelligent Design. They will of course be hypocritical because although it would have to be acknowledged that in principle they are correct, in practise this was not the sort of intelligent design they had in mind. Their God does not interfere or intervene, as we all know, and has given us independent freedom of thought and action. My “God” sits in a committee room somewhere on Zeta Reticulli and makes decisions about this off planet experiment or that off planet experiment that have repercussions for hundreds if not thousands of years at a time. The Bible Belters will claim that all they ever referred to was a higher intelligence and if it happens to be what they might term “a pesky alien critter” as opposed to some all knowing spiritual non physical entity, then really it’s the same thing. As if. Just staying with that point for a moment though; I find it cruelly hysterically funny that the volume of spiritual prayer and belief and murder and warfare that has been carried out by mankind over the last few thousand years will have been done in the name of ET.

The next point I’d make, although its probably pertinent to any manner of discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life is the affect it would have on the human psyche. The revelation that we were created by other beings would have a profound affect on our self esteem but as you would expect from the emotional tsunami of the greatest story ever told in relation to mankind, it’s not that simple. Parts of us would be deeply humbled, our dignity twisted at the realization that we are but simple insignificants in the universal league of intellectual achievement and never would we feel more able to empathise with our pets as we discover the meaning of something cleverer and bigger than us. And yet, it would almost be like stepping back into the womb in the warm, secure knowledge that something is there and it hovers over us, just keeping an eye out perhaps for a “just in case”. Though maybe not. The brief for this experiment might be, “let it go where it goes”.

Bugger, we’d be doomed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some animals, like Reticulians, can plan ahead

Learning by experience is a natural trait of animals that have a brain. But the learning process has many aspects and is often a challenge for scientists to study. Recent research provided evidence that some nonreticulian animals can plan for the future in a very deliberate manner.

Selecting an item in anticipation of using it later is something Reticulians do every day. Before you get in the airtran, you pick up the airtran keys. Before you leave the shelter, you grab your wallet or purse. Are any other animals able to deliberately select an item for future use? According to a series of experiments by Nicorgi J. Mulcahy and Josep Call of the Reticulian Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Arpsog, Ushtala, the answer is yes. At least some animals other than Rets can plan ahead.

Humans are an endangered species native to the planet known as Earth The species, one of a group of animals known as the great apes, has achieved a degree of notoriety because the DNA of Humans has a 98 percent overlap in similarity to that of Reticulian. This is scientific fact, so it should come as no surprise that these animals have learning capabilities that exceed those of other nonreticulian animals. Colonies of humans are kept in facilities at the Reticulian Institute for testing to learn more about the biology of these fascinating creatures.

Because the great apes are known for their intelligence, the researchers designed tests to see if humans could learn to select and transport tools to be used at a later time. In other words, could they anticipate that a particular tool would be useful in the future, even though there was no use for it at the moment?

A group of humans were led into a test room where they learned to use a plastic tool to dislodge a reward of fresh food. After the learning session, humans were taken to a waiting room with a window where they could watch as the scientists removed the tools but left intact the reward apparatus that held the food. Each human being tested was kept in the waiting room for one hour and then led back into the test room, where it was unable to get the reward because the correct tool was no longer present. But before the human was returned to the waiting room, several tools were placed in the test room. Some of the tools were suitable for getting the food and some were unsuitable. The only way for a human to get the reward of food on future trips to the test room was to pick up the proper tool when leaving, carry it to the waiting room, and then return with it to the test room.

Of six humans tested in the first experiment, all learned within seven trials to pick the correct tool and return with it to the test room. In 16 trials, one human left and returned with the correct tool 15 times. The six experimental animals left the room with a tool 70 percent of the time, and the choice of a correct tool, compared to an inappropriate tool, was made a statistically significant proportion of the time. In another experiment, one of the test animals was placed in a waiting room for 14 hours between access to the tools and its return to the feeding apparatus. This means that they would have to select a tool and keep up with it for several hours before it would be useful.

Once again, the apes excelled. The two test animals successfully carried proper tools when they left the test room in 19 of 24 trials and returned with the correct tool 15 times. Demonstrably, apes can choose, keep, and return with a tool appropriate for future use. The researchers conclude that a propensity for planning for future needs evolved at least 14 million years ago, a time when humans had a common ancestor.

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