Friday, July 14, 2006

Arthur; Who Art Thou?

It’s not often that there is much to laugh about in Ufology, what with it being a serious subject ‘n all, yet there is something going on over in Blogsville that is making me wet myself.

About a couple of weeks ago a new blog started up called Update UFO UpDates at Some guy called Arthur has set himself up as an anonymous commentator on the comings and goings at UFO UpDates or, as he puts it, “A snide swipe bitch fest at some of the characters and threads” on that List. And he seems to be pissing people off. It’s not that his observations are that acidic or cruel or even for that matter, relevant but it seems to have elicited a very amusing assortment of reactions.

The first thing that seems to be getting people’s goats is his anonymity. Why does he have to hide behind an obvious nom de plume? So there has been a little debate about who he is with accusations flying around and one or two people seemingly getting quite upset when the finger has been pointed at them. Why, even I have been “accused” of being Arthur by one friend. For the record, no, it’s not me. And no, I have no idea who it is either and no real suspicions. I’m sure though it will get out one day because it always does. And as it’s likely to be someone we’ve never heard of before, what an anti climax that will then be.

Then, in further pursuit of his identity, the observation was made that the background color scheme to the blog was pink and therefore “Arthur” might well be a woman.

But what particularly tickles me is that he just carries on regardless. There are all these negative remarks in his comments section and a whole separate subterranean eco system of activity going on akin to the blog which he seems to just ignore. I find I cannot help but admire him and suspect that he is sat back laughing at the whole murky business. Personally, I think he’s on to something and I wish I’d thought of it! Whoever you are pal, you can write about me anytime you like!