Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Hope They Fail and Fall Flat On Their Faces
(who said I was a nice guy?)

It's a bit weird but understandable I guess. Ever since the demise a couple of years ago of the UK version of UFO Magazine, the UK has been a hot bed of on line UFO related Zines. And now there's another.

Well, "a hot bed" is a bit of an overstatement. Two to be precise. My effort, namely UFO Review at http://www.uforeview.net and UFO Monthly as edited by Gary Heseltine. Gary charges for his effort; I don't.

The newcomers are two of the biggest misfits and malicious twerps going, namely the vocally challenged Russel Callaghan and the man with a thousand stories about him in Ufology, and none of them nice, Phillip Mantle. I won't touch them with a barge pole for what they did to me when they started up their "nobody visits us" web site. They took my web site name and used .co.uk whereas I am .net. Perfectly legal but completely unnecessary and motivated by spite. In the ensuing shouting match on the telephone with Callaghan, the words "You were nothing until UFO Magazine" have remained embossed in my memory, for those words said it all. Eventually and reluctantly, they changed their name to something else but I'll be blowed if I'll give them the elixir of publicity by naming their crappy site.

They too are going to charge for their efforts which means that no one will read it as you, the Ufological public, appear reluctant to pay for downloads. Good for you. But Russel and Gary Heseltine were once partners in UFO Monthly until Russel quit to errr spend more time with his family. Only to shortly after go into partnership with Mantle, one of the most incompetent and dysfunctional twerps around. Gary was too much of a believer for Callaghan's palette it would seem. Although Gary does irritate a bit with his bizarre and arrogant claim that only UFO Monthly has the background to get into print, which is his goal and one he will never achieve, I do nevertheless feel a bit sorry for him as he is likely to lose out, at least at first, while those few who are prepared to pay go over to this new effort, if only to see how it does. But both Callaghan and Mantle are talentless twerps with no substance to them at all and they'll soon get found out as their lack of brain power and imagination will eventually manifest itself in the inevitable drivel they will produce. Callaghan was at the helm of UFO Magazine when it folded and failure has a habit of following incompetents around.

I rather enjoyed that venting and don't want to go back to being marginally pleasant to people again.


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