Saturday, December 31, 2005

Oh What A Lovely War

War has broken out in the Skywatch camp and for long term observers, it will come as no surprise. Bill Hamilton, who for a long time was the mainstay behind the movement, has been removed from the Skywatch mailing Lists. Having got himself into a war of words with George Knapp and Jerry Pippin, Bill's apparent crime was to criticise Pippin who is Skywatch's media rep. Feeble and transparent though it was, it was all the excuse Hickman needed to do what he's wanted to do for some while.

When Bill stepped down as director or whatever position it was that he held - to spend more time with his family or was it to concentrate on his research(?) - he handed over to Jim Hickman. But Bill got itchy feet and also possibly as a result of what he was seeing happen to the Sky mailing lists, he decided to set up another list of his own, Astrosciences, which went on to do quite well and seemed to drag a lot of Sky members over as well. Jim H acted as if he had been stabbed in the back by his old acquaintance but the fact is, and I suppose I do have an axe to grind here as I am fond of Bill, and I' m not alone in that, but Jim had it coming. A quote that sums it all up perfectly is Jim's response to a member after Bill had been kicked out. You'll need to rub your eyes and re-read it just to be sure you got it right but what he said was; "This isn't a democracy, it's a business." One of the accusations leveled against Jim was that he used his position just to promote his own books and media appearances and while no doubt he might claim he has been quoted out of context, I would argue that point. He is not a sympathetic character and is dictatorial and power mad. If the situation carries on with him at the helm at Skywatch for much longer, there won't be a Skywatch left.

In the meantime, I doubt that Bill is weeping too many tears and in some ways is probably glad to have been made to walk the plank of this particular sinking ship before it actually goes down with all hands. Bill, I wish you the best.

In the meantime dear reader, I would like you to try and answer a question for me because something is happening and I just can't figure out why it is so. Why does Victor Martinez's list attract so much attention?

This isn't some secret, closed, "only for very special people" List, oh no. It's for anyone who was unfortunate enough to have his email address garnered by this primary school teacher with too much time on his hands and a comical TV web based system of delivery. Suddenly, and completely unasked for, postings started arriving in my mailbox that for a brief while I tolerated. But having rapidly run out of anything even remotely resembling Ufological gravitas, we soon got on to rabid and extreme political stories and pictures of cute kittens taking a dump somewhere or some such chocolate box nonsense. I actually had no difficulty with his political views but just didn't want them in my mailbox uninvited, thank you.

Then along comes Serpo or whatever nonsense it is called. I reckon Doty looked at that List and took Martinez for the patsy that he is and thought, "I can use this guy" so he did. The distressing point about it all is that it received notice and attention and even discussion. Gee, we must really be bored. Ufological snobs often go on about the great unwashed within Ufology and how stupid they are and how prepared they are to believe anything. But examples they quote to substantiate their comments are often nonsense as far as my experience is concerned. Matinez's List though is an example that should be quoted to back up this claim in future. The list is for the stupid run by the stupid.


Blogger Psikon said...

This is an interesting comment as it is pretty much what I also heard. Bill was very nice to me when I was a member of the forum but we never went past a certain level of interaction. The division was evident before Bill was evicted.
I have respect for Bill to this day although I always wondered about the connection between Skywatch and Rense. I was scheduled to be a guest on Sightings when I first began talking with Mr. Hamilton. There is a remarkable incident which seems to me to prove that outsiders had began to infiltrate Skywatch and present an ulterior motive. Business as usual may explain what happened to Skywatch. After a brief but agressive campaign by Rense's webmaster (Or so it was indicated) drove me away from the Skywatch and Rense forums for good as well as from Rense's other efforts which have also became mostly commercial or political extremisim. My 2 hour interview vanished from the Sightings /rense website and in general I became disillusioned with UFO researchers that capitalize on sensationalism.

Bill never tried that crap with me or my friends, EVER. Is Hickman the same Rense webmaster? If so, that would really back ground what happened in 96. I am probably as willing to post big head lines my self, or at least was until my main forum was taken down by AOL and lifted by two other sites who rewrote some materiel and claimed it as their own.
As regards Martinez it was widely rumored in certain circles to be a troll/spider disinformation site. A search reveals it is not easy to find either.

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