Monday, November 28, 2005

Isn't It About Time Rick Doty Was Taken Outside And Humanely Disposed Off?

It sure is, 'cos Rick's been at it again.

Now of course, none of us really know the score with Mr. Doty's status as to his former Intelligence employment. In fact I'm sure even he doesn't. But one assumed that having helped murder Paul Bennewitz, he retired to write parking tickets and eventually to go on to become a sheister - professions he did not seem to stay at too long. But he's got to be old now and probably retired. And yet, you never know with old dogs. Because something has recently surfaced on the Net which carries the heavy and profound odour of God's Gift To The Intelligence Disinformation Community.

What you will read if you go there are wonderful stories of human exchange visits with Ebens and the trials and tribulations of the Human Experience on the Eben planet. And so on and so on.

Now a gentleman I greatly respect and admire, Bill Hamilton, appears to have a bit of time for all this but to me, and others, it is so obviously the work of Doty that it doesn't even merit a second glance. If you want to suspend disbelief for an hour or so and just enjoy yourself, then by all means read what's there and get off on it.

The real question for me is, is this old stuff or has he just got bored and had a bit of a play again, just for old times sake? And if it is old stuff, why has it re-surfaced now? What is this evil genius's master plan? Hold on a moment; did I say genius? In terms of what we do know about his activities, bumbling incompetent would seem a fairer description. And he just can't leave the bloody subject alone. I wish he would.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The John Rimmer Ufological Schedule for 2006

John has recently been labelled a Ufological dinosaur on a UK message board. He is the publisher of a magazine called Magonia which has been going for quite a while and is a frequent poster to UFO UpDates where he indulges in long, tedious, and incredibly dull fencing with his bette noir, Jerry Clark. Every time though that John posts something to that List, he immediately has Alfred Lehmberg snapping at his heels, and even though for the most part he ignores Alfred, he nevertheless finds the whole experience extremely irritating. As a consequence, he has beome obsessed with both Clark and Lehmberg and seems unable to talk about anything else, and his mind has become muddled.

John is also a sceptic when it comes to the ETH and appears to be extremely dubious as regards Ufology generally. His favourite instinctive response on a List is to pop up and claim that "All Ufologists are barking mad", an insightful comment I'm sure you'll agree and one which continues to impart the intellectual gravitas of a man who is proud to boast that he lives amongst dead people. He really does as his house is in a cemetery

I do not like seeing animals in distress and so as an act of kindness to John, I have taken the liberty of preparing his Ufological schedule for him for the next 12 months so that he can find his way forward and at least have the comfort of knowing what he is going to do before he does it.

In late 2005, John has been winding down in a debate with Jerry Clark and a few others about the Father Gill sighting and whether or not Gill, who used the word "mothership" in his testimony could possibly have been influenced by Adamski or not. A concession here by those arguing that Gill had been isolated from such influences would open a wedge for John to further attack the credibility of Gill. As I indicated, riveting stuff. Of course, no ground was given by either side and so for the moment, the debate has run its course.

But there's still a month and a half left of this year John and I figure that this truly fascinating debate could easily be rekindled again with just a modicum of effort. A possible source of further conversation could be whether Gill was wearing a hat when he sighted the UFO and whether in any way this affected his visibility. If he was wearing a hat, then the nature of the hat needs to be established as the sighting was in the evening and a black hat would have further decreased light reflectivity and absorption. This thread could take us through to Christmas and would be a suitable point at which to rest.

Middle January in my opinion would be the best time to revisit one of John's favourites and a case which hasn't been touched for oooh, 18 months or so? I am of course referring to Trindale. Those of you who have experienced the sheer utter ennui of John, Jerry and others point scoring off eachother as they go backwards and forwards on the minutiae of this case will know what a treat they have in store. You might ask; what's left to discuss? I don't know for sure but I would like to help them if I can. Did, for example, the Almirante Saldanha have railings? Had they been cleaned? Were some of the witnesses perhaps looking at a reflection of the UFO displayed on these railings? Etc.

This one could stretch on say from mid January through to the end of March. There would then be a respite for Easter and we could then move away from hard case fact to something more ethereal. John has recently contradicted himself. On UFO UpDates he has commented on the differences between UK Ufologfy and American Ufology while on the British message board Ufologyuk, he has claimed that there is no such thing as British Ufology. Intriguing. I am suggesting here that John runs two threads simultaneously on both boards, playing devil's advocate on both.

This would of course be an exhausting experience as it could well run on right through the year and so for the sake of his mental health, I would suggest that these two threads be wound up sometime in mid summer, though I'll leave the exact date to John. That would be it for the year in terms of extended debate but I would also want to allow John precisely half a dozen additional windows so he can pop up suddenly on a board somewhere in that mad professor way of his and and shout that "All Ufologists are barking mad" which as explained before, he does regularly. I would be happy to leave those dates and choice of board entirely to John as after all, he is a grown man and can make at least some of his own decisions.

I hope John that you appreciate this gesture for the kindness that it is and I look forward to watching your performances in the coming months. Alfred. Are you ready?