Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What Is This Thing Called, Love? Dunno Hun, Give It A Twist And We'll See.

David Rudiak's recent attempt at savaging Rich Reynolds which included remarks along the lines that he couldn't see the purpose of Reynold's blog because all he did was attack people got me thinking. I think many of us have a very narrow perspective of what Ufology is.

It's not all about research! Oh my giddy aunt - I didn't really say that, did I? Well hush my mouth and smack my bum!! Some might actually argue otherwise and let's face it, where would we be without the OCD'ers, sorry researchers? We wouldn't be anywhere. We'd be back in the Dark Ages from whence we originally emerged, out of the swamps of ignorance and blindness. Today of course, as a result of the progress of researchers, we have absolute clarity about the UFO dilemma, we have answers and we know all there is to know about ET and his pals in the White House.

My point, besides being a sarcastic pain in the butt? Well, it's not to knock researchers, Oh no, God forbid, but to try and construct an argument that the parts are bigger than the whole. I think that means that there's room for everyone regardless of what their contribution is. I know, I would say that. Editing a magazine is an easy cop out to actually doing some serious heavy work.

Publishing opinions, shooting your mouth off, squabbling, nit picking, childish and illogical tantrums, utterly ridiculous infighting and back stabbing are all part of the fun of Ufology and anybody who indulges in all or some of the former can reasonably call himself a Ufologist. The contribution that individual makes in engaging in those activities is immense because if that wasn't going on, then the subject would be devoid of its humanity, which, when you consider that it's goal is the pursuit of non-humanity, would be somewhat ironic.

And besides, Rich is a pussycat. If you want nastiness, see this blog or Paul's or Alfred's.


Blogger Frank Warren said...

Greetings Stuart,

Ufology is in fact "all about research" in the strickest sense of the word; however, as with other topics, (of research)in particular, controversial ones, there is the collateral treatises that accompany them.

This is healthy in my view and a part of the scientific method. On the other hand sometimes the discussion goes beyond the work, evidence/data and or the methods applied, and becomes critical of the individuals concerned . . . this is human nature; whether this is "contructive or not" is something to ponder . . .


Thursday, 13 October, 2005  
Blogger Isaac Koi said...

Hi Stuart,

I'll have to add your list of activities to my email about "What ufologists do". I think I've failed to cover any of "... shooting your mouth off, squabbling, nit picking, childish and illogical tantrums, utterly ridiculous infighting and back stabbing".

I've already had the suggestion that "masturbation" and "lots and lots of therapy!" should be added:


All the best,


Friday, 14 October, 2005  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...


A. There's nothing vicious about what I write. The truth hurts sometimes... even the other side.

B. It has been my observation that what "sells" is the controversy.

If only it could be just about serious research, but that would ruin the "fun" for so many people who have so many vested interests in keeping the controversy alive.

Paul Kimball

Monday, 17 October, 2005  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...

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Monday, 17 October, 2005  

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