Sunday, October 23, 2005

The End Is Near And We're All Doomed

Brad Sparks is highly in favour of Peter Davenport's passive radar get up for independently detecting UFO's. Jolly good, let's do it then.

That vast collection of data that Dick Hall was bimbling on about and how to sort it out or the best way to proceed? Good, let's do it then.

All the ideas that people have collectively suggested over the last 60 years? Good, let's do it then.

OK, now we've got that crap out of the way and are back in the reality of financial impoverishment and indifference, what actually is the reality of what we're doing?

Waiting. Either for the big one when ET does it for us or waiting for a breadcrumb of some sort from the table of the Pentagon. So, we're waiting for absolutely nothing then. Well, I'm glad that's sorted.


Never before, in my eyes at least, has UFO UpDates and for that matter the entire future of Ufology looked so uncertain and so shakey as it has done over the last couple of weeks. It had been building up to that with the endless discussions about the US secret project that Lonnie Zammora caught sight of just outside the White Sands missile testing base in New Mexico but was pushed over the edge for me by the revival, yet again, of the Father Gill sighting. This was not a good sign.

While the history of the subject is very important, it would appear that at the moment, the history of the subject is all we have to talk about.

It got that bad that it made me think favourably of Exopolitics. Seriously. At least it's progressive, at least it's fresh, even if it a complete load of old rubbish.


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Tuesday, 25 October, 2005  
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Wednesday, 26 October, 2005  
Blogger Alfred Lehmberg said...

Still -- there is the perception of acceleration towards something looming in a perceivable future, and the sturms and drangs, hurt feelings, reflexive crossness, and ardently jealous denial-isms of temporal troglodytes only act as a gage of that acceleration. The harder the latter squeezes the more star systems slip from from his grasp.

A StarWars reference, but prescient measured in today's world. Finally it will be what we make it to be... ...and this is remembering we could bring the saucers down. Hell, in an open and intelligent manner, we owe it to the children of that future to do just that.

See, operate in that open and forthcoming manner because the data says it true (...that a cultural admission of same would bring the saucers down?), so your children will believe and respect you, and society in the aggregate would improve because we don't have time to pole vault over tick-turds as regards religious beliefs dividing us now anymore...

Even if it turns out that Philip Klass was right (pause to gag) and we ~are~ essentially alone... we remain improved nes't ce-pas?

...Like saving for a rainy day.

Provoked idle thinking... putting the woo in woo-woo? I suspect not.
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Monday, 31 October, 2005  

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