Sunday, October 23, 2005

The End Is Near And We're All Doomed

Brad Sparks is highly in favour of Peter Davenport's passive radar get up for independently detecting UFO's. Jolly good, let's do it then.

That vast collection of data that Dick Hall was bimbling on about and how to sort it out or the best way to proceed? Good, let's do it then.

All the ideas that people have collectively suggested over the last 60 years? Good, let's do it then.

OK, now we've got that crap out of the way and are back in the reality of financial impoverishment and indifference, what actually is the reality of what we're doing?

Waiting. Either for the big one when ET does it for us or waiting for a breadcrumb of some sort from the table of the Pentagon. So, we're waiting for absolutely nothing then. Well, I'm glad that's sorted.


Never before, in my eyes at least, has UFO UpDates and for that matter the entire future of Ufology looked so uncertain and so shakey as it has done over the last couple of weeks. It had been building up to that with the endless discussions about the US secret project that Lonnie Zammora caught sight of just outside the White Sands missile testing base in New Mexico but was pushed over the edge for me by the revival, yet again, of the Father Gill sighting. This was not a good sign.

While the history of the subject is very important, it would appear that at the moment, the history of the subject is all we have to talk about.

It got that bad that it made me think favourably of Exopolitics. Seriously. At least it's progressive, at least it's fresh, even if it a complete load of old rubbish.

Monday, October 17, 2005


The Socorro case has raised its head again, thanks to our dear friend Rich, and I find myself being maneuvered into a position that I actually feel quite comfortable being in. It is this; As a Ufologist, I have very great pleasure in announcing that................I don't care about the evidence! I am simply not interested in Zammora's glasses, what special projects were or were not being made then, who came along to look at the trace samples afterwards, and in fact anything of any investigative or analytical origin whatsoever.Why? Because I cannot get past one very important fact that for me, knocks out everything else. Everybody knows about this fact but they ignore it because, while it might do it for me, for others it does not offer any sort of answer. Or it's a fact that they would rather just ignore. That fact is this. The Socorro incident took place right next door to the White Sands missile Test base from which secret defense projects were tested. That's it. That's all there is to say.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What Is This Thing Called, Love? Dunno Hun, Give It A Twist And We'll See.

David Rudiak's recent attempt at savaging Rich Reynolds which included remarks along the lines that he couldn't see the purpose of Reynold's blog because all he did was attack people got me thinking. I think many of us have a very narrow perspective of what Ufology is.

It's not all about research! Oh my giddy aunt - I didn't really say that, did I? Well hush my mouth and smack my bum!! Some might actually argue otherwise and let's face it, where would we be without the OCD'ers, sorry researchers? We wouldn't be anywhere. We'd be back in the Dark Ages from whence we originally emerged, out of the swamps of ignorance and blindness. Today of course, as a result of the progress of researchers, we have absolute clarity about the UFO dilemma, we have answers and we know all there is to know about ET and his pals in the White House.

My point, besides being a sarcastic pain in the butt? Well, it's not to knock researchers, Oh no, God forbid, but to try and construct an argument that the parts are bigger than the whole. I think that means that there's room for everyone regardless of what their contribution is. I know, I would say that. Editing a magazine is an easy cop out to actually doing some serious heavy work.

Publishing opinions, shooting your mouth off, squabbling, nit picking, childish and illogical tantrums, utterly ridiculous infighting and back stabbing are all part of the fun of Ufology and anybody who indulges in all or some of the former can reasonably call himself a Ufologist. The contribution that individual makes in engaging in those activities is immense because if that wasn't going on, then the subject would be devoid of its humanity, which, when you consider that it's goal is the pursuit of non-humanity, would be somewhat ironic.

And besides, Rich is a pussycat. If you want nastiness, see this blog or Paul's or Alfred's.