Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well Done Mike and Victor

So, by all the accounts that I've heard so far, the so called exopolitical conference held this past Sunday (Sept. 25th) in Toronto was a success. That was despite the best efforts of the "Fascism In Ufology" brigade who did their best to stop people going and who probably helped the gate by their objections. What these "up their own ass" twerps don't realise, because they're too pompous, too arrogant, and in the end, just plain too stupid to realise is that however stupid other people are, they still nevertheless like to make their own minds up and seemingly don't like being told what to do by a bunch of stuck up pricks. Moreover, a bunch of self appointed pricks (and believe you me, that sort are everywhere) who have anointed themselves, because no one else has, as the guardians of authentic Ufology.

The trouble is that the arrogance that masks these people masks their vision as well. They haven't got a clue what a laugh they are giving the rest of us as they strut their stuff. Take for example the current pasting that Ed Gerhman has been receiving on UFO UpDates. There's no question that Ed brought a lot of it on himself and probably didn't help matters by his reaction to Nick Redfern's book. However, it was surprising just how quickly people became quite seriously aggressive towards him, eager to demonstrate their own superiority of knowledge and simultaneously take some pleasure in putting the boot in, no doubt feeling an awful lot better about themselves in the process.

So, the content of this conference may not have held my attention for more than a few minutes, maybe, but I'm sure glad I had that option of going if I had wanted to.


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