Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rich and Paul and Alfred

This isn’t Ufology; these are musings about recent interactions between three people. This is very esoteric and if you don’t know who these characters are, then your life is missing true fulfilment.

Lately they have been squabbling, which should of course come as no surprise. And yet, childish and often ridiculous though they may be, they are also to be congratulated for their maturity. Nasty things were and are being said and yet, when the emotion recedes, they’re still “kind of” pals.

Rich, now long hardened to Ufological abuse, lets it all roll over his back. He’s never ever really truly nasty. He prods and counters but doesn’t stick the knife in. He’s come a long way and has earned rehabilitation within Ufological circles. Once, it seemed that if you woke up in a bad mood and fancied taking it out on someone, Rich was your man, for some at least. It hurt, although much of it was self inflicted, but he rode it out. Well done.

Paul is “emotional”. He gets heated and for an intelligent man, speaks often without thinking the consequences through. Principles are important but he has needlessly now made an enemy out of a gentle man (Frank Warren) who is as inoffensive as it gets. He hisses and spits and makes dramatic statements. He can be childish in his rebuttals but he is forgiving and vents as a therapeutic exercise. He does recognise the parameters and accepts that though he may feel strongly about someone’s opinions and may exchange heated words with them, grudges are for others and calm and peaceful coexistence is eventually restored. I was tempted to say that there is one exception to his graciousness, namely Michael Salla, but I think there may even be the beginnings of a more accepting process going on there as well. Not an acceptance of the ideas but a recognition that he isn’t Canute and can’t stop whatever wants to happen.

Alfred and Paul needle each other while Rich looks on bemused, but they are now doing so for sport and no other reasons. Alfred holds no fear here but for Paul, Alfred is like an insect that won’t keep still long enough to be swatted. It’s a diversion while things are quiet or while there is nothing else to grab their particular attention for the moment. But, as soon as something more absorbing pops up, off they’ll go and if, horror of horrors, they actually agree on something, then all will be forgotten pretty quickly.

This is Ufology in 2005 and it makes me laugh. Nicely that is, not in despair.


Blogger Alfred Lehmberg said... *insect* "WHO" won’t keep still long enough to be swatted...

...give me at least that. Jeez!

Yeah... It's pretty obvious I have to be taken down, Stuart, I'm "destroying ufology..." I commend those who are about to die attempting to do so. Unlike my unelected President, I _do_ "do nuance", am self motivated, I can think, and I can wait. Moreover, I am grateful that I can assist in some small amount of amusement until the "season is over" and something more compelling happens.

Finally, your effort to apply a congenial salve is not unappreciated even if it does prove to be unsuccessful. That said, anyone coming around with a glass of *kool-aid* for me to drink can expect to have it slapped out of their hand. I know you wouldn't expect anything less, given principle...
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Saturday, 24 September, 2005  
Blogger RRRGroup said...

Stuart (Alfred et al.):

Life is good, sometimes tragic, and always fun, in an existential way.

The Paul, Alfred, Rich imbroglio is not good, not tragic, but fun, in a weird kind of way.

We vent our spleens -- Alfred by his poetic rejoinders, Paul by his lawyerly ripostes, and me by way of obtuse musings.

And you, Stuart, by shooting from the hip, never mincing bullets or words.

You're a kind of referee, and we luv ya for it.

There are some terrific people in ufological circles. You are one, Frank Warren another, Lehmberg (that scold) is one, and Paul, who takes all this a bit more seriously than some of us, is another.

With nothing going on, UFO-wise (as they say), what else is there to do but to aggravate each other.

I for one like the sport, but then I'm on some meds that make everything seem important or not, depending upon what time of day it is.

Thanks for the nice "exegesis" of the temporary internecine squabble.


Thursday, 29 September, 2005  

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