Friday, September 30, 2005

Rebuttal to Paul Kimball's "The Big Fish Flops"

The Toronto symposium has been and gone.

Paul Kimball thought that former Canadian cabinet minister Paul Hellyer's speech was a disaster.

It probably was.

As a consequence, the world has ended. Exopolitics has finally finished off mainstream Ufology and is now the predominant Ufological philosophy.

What lingering respect there was for Ufology before the conference has now totally evaporated.

All the positive strides that had been made towards mainstream science have now been rebuffed because of the events of September 25th.

The millions of people who attended the event were persuaded by the evil words of misinformation emanating from the podium and have now been converted. They have fallen into the dastardly trap of believing whistle blowers and eschewing Ufological fact.

The world will never be the same again.

And I'm going to have chicken for my dinner tonight.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well Done Mike and Victor

So, by all the accounts that I've heard so far, the so called exopolitical conference held this past Sunday (Sept. 25th) in Toronto was a success. That was despite the best efforts of the "Fascism In Ufology" brigade who did their best to stop people going and who probably helped the gate by their objections. What these "up their own ass" twerps don't realise, because they're too pompous, too arrogant, and in the end, just plain too stupid to realise is that however stupid other people are, they still nevertheless like to make their own minds up and seemingly don't like being told what to do by a bunch of stuck up pricks. Moreover, a bunch of self appointed pricks (and believe you me, that sort are everywhere) who have anointed themselves, because no one else has, as the guardians of authentic Ufology.

The trouble is that the arrogance that masks these people masks their vision as well. They haven't got a clue what a laugh they are giving the rest of us as they strut their stuff. Take for example the current pasting that Ed Gerhman has been receiving on UFO UpDates. There's no question that Ed brought a lot of it on himself and probably didn't help matters by his reaction to Nick Redfern's book. However, it was surprising just how quickly people became quite seriously aggressive towards him, eager to demonstrate their own superiority of knowledge and simultaneously take some pleasure in putting the boot in, no doubt feeling an awful lot better about themselves in the process.

So, the content of this conference may not have held my attention for more than a few minutes, maybe, but I'm sure glad I had that option of going if I had wanted to.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rich and Paul and Alfred

This isn’t Ufology; these are musings about recent interactions between three people. This is very esoteric and if you don’t know who these characters are, then your life is missing true fulfilment.

Lately they have been squabbling, which should of course come as no surprise. And yet, childish and often ridiculous though they may be, they are also to be congratulated for their maturity. Nasty things were and are being said and yet, when the emotion recedes, they’re still “kind of” pals.

Rich, now long hardened to Ufological abuse, lets it all roll over his back. He’s never ever really truly nasty. He prods and counters but doesn’t stick the knife in. He’s come a long way and has earned rehabilitation within Ufological circles. Once, it seemed that if you woke up in a bad mood and fancied taking it out on someone, Rich was your man, for some at least. It hurt, although much of it was self inflicted, but he rode it out. Well done.

Paul is “emotional”. He gets heated and for an intelligent man, speaks often without thinking the consequences through. Principles are important but he has needlessly now made an enemy out of a gentle man (Frank Warren) who is as inoffensive as it gets. He hisses and spits and makes dramatic statements. He can be childish in his rebuttals but he is forgiving and vents as a therapeutic exercise. He does recognise the parameters and accepts that though he may feel strongly about someone’s opinions and may exchange heated words with them, grudges are for others and calm and peaceful coexistence is eventually restored. I was tempted to say that there is one exception to his graciousness, namely Michael Salla, but I think there may even be the beginnings of a more accepting process going on there as well. Not an acceptance of the ideas but a recognition that he isn’t Canute and can’t stop whatever wants to happen.

Alfred and Paul needle each other while Rich looks on bemused, but they are now doing so for sport and no other reasons. Alfred holds no fear here but for Paul, Alfred is like an insect that won’t keep still long enough to be swatted. It’s a diversion while things are quiet or while there is nothing else to grab their particular attention for the moment. But, as soon as something more absorbing pops up, off they’ll go and if, horror of horrors, they actually agree on something, then all will be forgotten pretty quickly.

This is Ufology in 2005 and it makes me laugh. Nicely that is, not in despair.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Intelligent Design - You Bet

The debate in the States about Intelligent Design seems to have completely bypassed Ufology, and yet it shouldn't have done, for I feel we have a large stake in the outcome. To start with, and somewhat amusingly, I find myself on the same side as the Creationists, but for different reasons, although I'll admit the lines are blurred. No, I don't believe that God created the Earth and all on it 5,000 years ago and that somehow, penguins, the current American flavour of the month, confirm this fact.

I believe we were indeed created by Intelligent Design but this was done through directed panspermia by some alien race probably similar to us. Where the lines blur of course is that you might argue that any entity that can create Us and place us here is a God as seen through our particularly narrow spiritual perspective.

But do not underestimate the discomfort felt in siding with folk who are so out of touch with reality. Unfortunately, that discomfort goes on to amuse still further. For these folk, or would the more perjorative term "these people" be amore appropriate, also still think dinosaurs exist. Well, as someone with a keen interest in cryptozoology, I find there is one more connecting thread between me and them although I don't expect any reported sightings of dino in the near future. But should Bigfoot turn up one day, then have no fear that the Creationists will twist that one to their advantage somehow as well.

And yet more similarities emerge. Although I offer the Creationists absolutely no support, I feel attached to this debate in much the same way that many neo con Christian right wing groups feel attached to the Jews and the mess in the Middle East. Their rational for their views in the Arab/Jewish conflict is based on a particular interpretation of the Old Testament and their messianic faith in Jerusalem. They're on the same bus as the Jews but for different reasons, much as I am on the same bus as the Creationists but also for different reasons. Gee, it gets complicated.

To make matters even more messy, Science is at last waking up to what is going on and is starting to get involved, and inevitably, in blinkered fashion, is taking the side of evolution. They haven't looked outside of the box. My perspective would appeal to them, or at least to the astrobiological crowd and yet, unless I've missed something, no one else seems to be extending the argument as I have done.

And to screw the whole dammed thing even further, the debate is a non starter in the first place. The Intelligent Design debate is about who put us here. Evolution makes no such claim and has never ever tried to unravel that one. Evolution simply explains how we developed once life got started.

What a load of old balls the whole thing is.

Friday, September 02, 2005

What?! How Much Do You want for that?

Do you have to be stupid to be into New Age interests? Do you have to be a shallow, unfocused, aimless individual who has to pay people to point you in the right direction?

I ask this question because having recently expanded the area of news gathering for my web site, UFO Review (, I have had to go on to several New Age sites looking for news stories. And the number of people offering courses for this and that, which all amount to fundamental personal development of one sort or another, all couched in airy fairy terms, is staggering.

We complain in Ufology about Snake Oil Salesmen. I love that term because it is quintessentially American but despite 3,000 miles of water, the meaning is still very clear. We moan about charlatans and other creeps but it seems to me that the only area within Ufology where there appears to be some anxiety to relieve large numbers of folk of their easily earned cash is in the area of remote viewing, where courses are biggish business. It's true some might complain about conference prices or the hard sell that goes on at many of them, but, and this is a matter of opinion, I think we get off fairly lightly.

But New Age commerce is very different. Here people are sold a life style and even the trading name "has to be right". Anything with a hint of native American is in while calling yourself Michael Jones might not produce a livable wage. It's all so cynical and so obvious and rather off putting and yet you've got to assume that if there wasn't a market, these people wouldn't proliferate as they do.

So, am I begging for their removal? Do I despise them? No. They're entitled to try to make a living and no one's holding a gun to the heads of their customers. Are they taking advantage of fragile personalities? Possibly, but, as with mediums, if folk get comfort from such things, who are we to judge? So what exactly am I whining about?

The cynicism of it all. Why? Branding and marketing goes on everywhere so why should the New Age arena be any different? Ah, got it now. New Agism is about errrr, it's about em, purity? Honesty. Kindness. Thoughtfulness. Consideration. Taking care of honest to goodness things like this planet. All these concepts are of the highest moral standing and status and should not be soiled by being tarred with money. Money is dirty and disgusting because.............well because it is. It brings out the worst in people.

Gee, I'm real glad I got all that sorted out. I was struggling for a minute there.