Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where Are The Dead Cows?

So where are we now with cattle mutilations? We still get occasional reports although these days they appear to be few and far between. Such is the reduction in activity in this area that some folk, no doubt suffering withdrawal symptoms from the sight of miserable looking beasts rigor mortised in a grim pose, are even now turning their attention to cut-up pussy cats. Somehow, it's just not the same. All a sliced and diced cat means is that there is a local psychopath in training and if you are a resident of an area where deceased pussies have been found, then prepare to be slaughtered yourself in the next year or two.

To me, it seems that the cattle mute syndrome has quietly morphed itself into an area of often unstated acceptance. There is one general theory that appears to have been taken on board about what was going on which is this; the mutilations were carried out by some group tasked by some department within the U.S. government to check on the health of the national meat herd. In particular they were looking for signs of CJD and whether it had infected the food chain. As CJD is linked to Alzheimers and this illness/disease is on the rampage in the States, it would appear that these covert monitoring attempts have not been successful and it surely won't be too long before some enterprising lawyer puts two and two together and starts digging around. Result? U.S. government goes in to hock to pay out on all the law suits that will follow.

Alas, this theory doesn't take into account any alien involvement and their desperate need for "something in the cow" that helps keep them alive. Nice one Rick Doty and it kept us going for a while.

A variant of the above explanation is that some mysterious and virulent bio-chemical thingy escaped from somewhere, which, when you consider where the majority of mutilations took place, is certainly a possibility, and that the mutilations were an attempt to monitor the progress of that particular virus.

Having just read "Alternative Three" by Jim Keith, a re-publication, I am intrigued by his views on what he thinks it was all about, which differ from the above. Bovine blood has certain similar properties to human blood and the samples were taken from these poor, unfortunate beasts in order to progress a project that was/is trying to create a form of cloned human for space flight purposes. It is understood in some quarters that a manned mission to Mars, as demanded by someone's esteemed president a few months back, will, when it eventually happens, be manned not by Man but by another type of man - one that will be able to withstand the rigours of lengthy space flight, radiation, and all the other little pleasantries that await us in the great far beyond. If so, then the deaths of all those cute cows will not have been in vain as after all, the progress of Man is an over riding requirement for something or other.

However, I still can't juxtasupose all of the above in my over worked brain because I keep coming back to one point that I know many others have also brought up. Why go to all that trouble with all those black helicopters and all the distress and upset caused to the farmers when it would appear to make much more sense to set up a meat wholesale company, buy the cattle in legitimately, and then dispose of it afterwards? What would be the problems with that? Perhaps I've asked the wrong people in the past but I've never ever had what I would consider to be an acceptable answer to that question.

So, maybe it was the aliens after all?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ufology and Money

The subject of "money" within Ufology seems to be a delicate one and there appears to be a divided opinion on the matter between two groups, one group being much larger than the other.

The larger group seems to think that those within Ufology who ask for money for doing things like lectures and so on are in the wrong. Considering some of the slurs I've read, "wrong" might be viewed as a bit of an understatement. There is often a real sense of derision and disgust aimed at those who appear to want to pocket a buck and the underlying feeling, unquestionably, is that services should be donated for free in order to further the cause of the subject and to remove from it the dubious stink of pecuniary greed that has dogged Ufology in the past.

The other, smaller group consists of those who pocket the cash and who seem to have no qualms about asking for fees.

I have somewhat torn sensibilities on this. On the one hand, I can't see a problem with a speaker asking for a fee (as well as expenses) for an appearance at a conference or for writing something for a publication. Market forces would of course apply and if the fee was too much for the entrepreneur or publisher involved, then he has the option of haggling or going elsewhere.

I don't have much of a problem either with folk who market product; their speaches, films, CDs and so on. But I have to admit that on one message List I belong to, there are at least two senior members of that List who use the board to promote what they're selling and they do so to the point where I find it offensive. So it would appear that I don't mind people asking for money and yet at the same time, I do, which is hardly helpful. Perhaps it's the frequency of the promoting that is offensive.

This isn't a problem for which an answer is required and inevitably, because Human Beings are involved, there will be a large element of hypocrisy involved. It might for example be argued that authors who also lecture and who don't ask for a fee aren't being quite as saintly as they appear as the likelihood is that their speaking engagement will generate further book sales. On the other hand, they could still ask for a fee and make even more money and the fact that they don't is a feather in their cap.

And so the argument bounces one way then the next. What's this blog worth?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I thought I'd better stir myself again.

Going on holiday and coming back to a mailbox of 1200 messages is not everyone's cup of tea but this year, I actually enjoyed the experience. For one thing, it gives you an objective view of what's gone on, on various threads on various boards without the immediacy of the emotional kick back that would have occurred at the time.

So naturally, my attention was drawn to the continuing battle on UFO UpDates in relation to Nick Redfern's theory on Roswell and the fact that this time, it was Brad Sparks who had stepped up to the plate. And what an unpleasant so and so he's turning out to be. I thought I was "in your face" but he gets so close that you can smell his halitosis. Like others before him, they huff and they puff but no real cracks seem to appear. And so we wonder off into what I call "Dianne Land". Dianne was my mother-in-law, now deceased, who we used to mock and tease endlessly for her habit of just plain making things up. Not lies but just sheer fantasy. She would see a guy on a bus for example and without even engaging him in conversation, would return and explain his whole life story to the rest of us. In fairness, there were lots of "maybe's" and "perhaps"in the tales that followed.

And so it has become with Brad. "Maybe they did this", "Maybe they did that" and so on. We've now left fact for what Brad would no doubt describe as his vast experience and insight of the intelligence community but what I would describe as sheer desperation.

But there is a complication with Brad's extremely tenacious approach that others have either chosen to overlook or have just plain forgot. On more than one occasion, Brad has announced that he has research that he feels would blow the lid off Roswell (or something like that) and advance the progress of the case, regretfully, according to him, in a non alien direction. When pressed of course, as he has been numerous times, reasons are offerred as to why this research cannot be produced.

And then this bastard Redfern comes along and steals all the thunder.

Plea; Would someone, somewhere, please step forward with a reasonable counter argument to Nick's case so that we can put it all to bed and go home.

And then there's the other joker in the barrel, Michael Salla. This saga has turned out to be very, very funny. In fact, absolutely hilarious. There is no other name for what has been going on with this guy that applies more accurately and succinctly that whack-a-mole. Up he pops, only to be whacked about the head, only to pop right back up again, only to be whacked about the head, only to pop back up again. And again, and again, and again. He may be talking rubbish but he has utterly and totally out argued, side stepped, and generally jinxed his way right round the so called best brains in the game. And he's still standing there, smiling, waiting for the next hit. Dear oh dear.

Other than that, yes thanks, I had a very nice holiday.