Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where the Working Classes Go

There was a fascinating forum on the web site of Crowded Skies, a UK based site I think, that unfortunately has now been closed down. It got too much for Daz, the webmaster and he pulled the plug.

You didn't have to join anything. You could just compose a message in the box provided and post it. Virtually idiot proof which is why so many idiots used the site. That statement is a bit unfair but the simplicity of use was, shall we say, welcomed by many.

What you got though, because of the set up, was fascinating if you were interested in anthropology and sociology. It became the haven for those disenfranchised or intimidated by Lists such as Updates et al. These people had no voice and Crowded Skies provided an outlet.

The exchanges were fascinating. "Fuck you" was a common rejoinder as was "You're full of shit". Threads were very rarely developed and never had any duration and wild statements along the lines of, "I've got proof" always went unchallenged. No one ever seemed remotely interested in anyone else's ideas or thoughts and the whole pot pourri was amusingly interrupted on a regular basis by desperate posts from Daz asking for the language to be moderated.

Where will these people go now? Who will offer them a voice? Will they disappear back into the Underworld of Ufology, festering away in their frustration and take to disrupting UFO conferences with cries of "There's a Reptilian behind you. Oh no there isn't. Oh yes there is."

Daz should have left them be. What harm were they doing? They seemed to be having fun and no one was really getting hurt.

Stuart Miller


Blogger Paul Kimball said...


They always have exopolitics.


Saturday, 16 July, 2005  
Blogger Stuart said...


Nice reply Paul btw on Updates. You stated your views but didn't trash the conference.

Sunday, 17 July, 2005  
Blogger Paul Kimball said...


Almost everyone knows what I think of exopolitics - it is a sham, and the worst thing to happen to ufology in the past few years (and it's tough to pick just one).

But I accept that Mike Bird is a sincere fellow, and doing his best, even as I disagree with the company he seems to want to book (Stan not included). Further, all one can do is say, "you're wrong, and here's why," and then hope people will follow the advice.

With any luck, Stan will give a presentation that totally debunks exopolitics, and leaves people with something to really think about as they walk out. We'll see...


Sunday, 17 July, 2005  

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