Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome to UFO Disinfo R

While the name of this site suggests that I might not be overly serious about all this, I wish to reassure you that I am. Not about spreading disinfo within the UFO community because I haven't got any really good stuff at the moment but I am serious about entering into the true spirit of these things which seems to involve a supreme arrogance that others will be interested in your opinions and also because I think I would enjoy slagging people off and generally slating them, which does appear to be the principle objective of these sites.

For example, today we have Kyle King on his site ( severely criticising his pals over at RRG. Kyle has always been wrong footed by Alfred Lehmberg with whom he seems to be slightly obsessed and seems desperate for Alfred to throw his arm around him and to be nice. Alfred I think likes to pick his pals carefully and a lot depends on their philosophy, and Kyle is perhaps just a little too "objective" I would say for Alfred's tastes. The RRG group and Alfred are all tied up in the same posting from Kyle. Well, I suppose it's all good clean fun.

As I swing the target site round I find it rests in the direction of Amy Hebert. I think Amy is a Ufologist but I'm not sure. It may be that in reality she's a pop psychologist as she seems to spend more time in wittering on in this area than virtually any other. Amy is confused. She declares often that all she's interested in is the truth but when it is presented to her, she doesn't like it. She has to see behind it, to see the motivation, the players as she calls them, and so on. She asks lots of questions but doesn't seem to find answers so I guess she's in a permanent state of confusion.

She's also not capable of looking beyond her own belly button.

This is an extract from a message she posted to the British site UfologyUK in connection with the Guardian interview with Gary Mckinnon (Game over,3605,1523143,00.html#article_continue). Gary, you will remember is an English computer buff who the Pentagon have labelled as the biggest military hacker of all time. We breed 'em big here.

"The article makes just about anything American look stupid, barbaric and moronic. Did you notice the negative undertones? Shut down the US military? "Non-Terrestrial Officers"? "Rednecks"?

Uh, reality check."

Reality check indeed dear.

Some of my best friends are American/love the place and the people etc. etc. and while I roll all that stuff out somewhat flippantly, it happens to be true. But it doesn't blind me to its faults, and there are many. Like the little matter for example of capital punishment. Any country, in this day and age, that still carries out this kind of shit is nothing more than a third rate banana republic. Period, as you guys say. Any country that can threaten someone with a potential 70 year prison sentence, as has happened to Gary Mckinnon, is nothing more than a joke. Any country that can elect a leader so blind to the consequences of the environmental impact that his nations' "waste disposal" has on the climate because he' so unashamedly wrapped up in "special interests" and repaying folk who helped get him re-elected don't deserve the franchise. Any country with gun laws like yours Amy is just plan stupid. Any country that has vast numbers of people who live in some religious time lock divorced from reality and who don't even know where New York is let alone such radical concepts as "Europe" or "The Middle East" does not deserve to sit at the international table. And so on.

So a reality check is indeed needed Amy. Indeed.

Stuart Miller


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